21 in 2003

As soon as the helicopter had left the location of incident 24 the team started walking down. All team members then heard what sounded like a female in pain and shrieking, high on Scafell around the Shamrock area. The team split into smaller search groups and scaled all the gulleys in that area including Lord’s Rake. The Sea King helicopter was called back from the hospital to help in the search. Following an hour of detailed searching, nothing was heard or found. The team were stood down and returned to Base. Nothing more could be done unless a further call came in that someone was overdue.

Footnote – following conversations after the incident it was mentioned by climbers who had spent the night out on the mountains that a very similar cry had been heard and that it was a vixen fox on the crags. The cry that they had heard was similar to what the team had heard. ;

Incident started at 15:00.