31 in 2003
Scafell Pike

Pager request from the Police to respond to a ‘999’ call from the father (who was not in the Lakes with them). He had last spoken to his family (wife and three young children -youngest 5 yrs old) at 2100 hrs. and they were still on the mountain. Nothing had been heard from them since then. They had left their campsite at 1100hrs that morning to climb Scafell Pike. They reached the summit at 1900 hrs and called the husband on their mobile to let him know that had got to the top. At 2100 hrs the husband called them again and they were unsure of their location and &quot at the rocky bit". They were not equipped for a night on the fells. One or two of the team manned the rescue base whilst car parks were checked for their car. The caravan sites were also checked out by the police. At 0006 hrs the family finally walked safely off the mountains and called the father who then informed the police. The team were stood down although preparations were well advanced for a full callout and search due to the age and limited experience of the missing party.

Incident started at 22:48.