34 in 2003
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Call from the police to respond to a call for help from the RSPCA and a dog owner whose Lurcher ‘puppy’ had wandered over the edge of the old brickworks clay quarry at Greenbank, Whitehaven. The dog which was an adult si e rather than puppy, was trapped and frightened 5 metres down the 30 m quarry face. On arrival at the scene, 5 point belays were set using the steel posts and the allotment fence posts [wish I had taken the camera for the training record!]. Although relatively near the top, the location was covered in 2 m high, dense brambles and thorns. It eventually required two team members to descend by lowering / abseil to eventually capture, then hoist the animal to safety. On route to the scene the advance vehicle called in at Raymond Watson’s Blacksmiths to have some steel posts quickly made up – thanks to Raymond for his immediate help (he is also a sponsor of the team see here).

Incident started at 14:00.