62 in 2010
Great Gable
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13 yr old boy overdue on Great Gable. The Mother and sister had walked up to Styhead and the boy had wanted to climb Greta Gable so left them at Styhead and agreed to meet them later. He was had no equipment. He reported in that he was lost in mist near some little ponds. 20 Wasdale MRT plus 20 Keswick MRT plus SARDA dogs were deployed. Cockermouth on Standby. The lost boy eventually turned up at the Langstrath County Hotel in Stonethwaite after walking down Langstrath via Esk Hause. Incident closed at around 11.30 p.m.

Incident started at 19:37 and ended at 23:30 making 3.9 hrs in total. There were 20 Wasdale team members involved. Total rescuer hours: 78