Great Gable – Thu 10th Mar 2022

We were contacted by Cumbria Police regarding two walkers who had become lost descending Great Gable. The Team Leader was able to ascertain their location with Phone Find and then guide them down onto the path and then onwards to Wasdale Head.

Great Gable – Sun 14th Nov 2021

As members of the team were leaving the Great Gable summit following the Remembrance Sunday service they came across a male suffering from exhaustion and cramp. They administered some pain relief medication and gave some food and water, before walking slowly back down to Wasdale Head.

Great Gable – Tue 1st Jun 2021

Just before 11pm we received a message from Cumbria Police about a gentleman reported to have hurt his ankle and having difficulty getting down from Great Gable. He was with his 14 year old son, his wife having gone ahead to raise the call for help. A full team call Read more…

Kern Knotts, Great Gable – Mon 15th Jun 2020

Three walkers reported themselves to Cumbria Police as being stuck on steep, loose scree, having missed the descent path of Great Gable. The team was able to locate the three and safely assist them off the difficult ground with the aid of ropes and then escorted them back to Wasdale.