12 in 2001
Buckbarrow, Wasdale

The team leader received a call from the Police advising that a 25year old solo climber was overdue. He had set out the previous afternoon to climb on Buckbarrow. The informant was contacted at their home and more details were gained. The missing climber had left details of exactly which route he was going to climb and we had details of the vehicle he was driving.
The climber was using a rope technique whereby he led, then tied off, descended to untie the lower belay, then work his way back up. With all the information available, the team leader called the full team out at 0100 hrs. Shortly after this, the informant called the team leader to say the missing climber had turned up. He had called in somewhere else before going home. The recall went out at 0115 hrs.
Postscript – one of our team members who lives close to Buckbarrow, was talking to Sir Chris Bonnington that afternoon on Buckbarrow and did notice the young man making his way up to the crags. Sir Chris had remarked on the quality of the Buckbarrow routes and that the climbing he had been doing on Santa Fe that day was very good and quite challenging.

Incident started at 00:50.