Wasdale Head – Tue 21st Sep 2021

The team received a call that a person was suffering an epileptic fit at Wasdale Head, and that team resources were possibly required. After some enquiries, the team leader was advised that the casualty was safely off the hill and in an ambulance. The team was stood down.

Eskdale – Sun 27th Jun 2021

We were alerted by Cumbria police about a parascender who appeared to be in difficulties in Eskdale. Enquiries revealed that there was an organised event taking place and some participants may have been performing acrobatics. All were accounted for, safe and well, so no further action was taken.

Ponsonby – Sun 24th Jan 2021

A flare was spotted over the Ponsonby area by members of the public and reported to the police. After the team leader made some enquiries the incident reported was known to be innocent and not meant as a distress signal. The team was then stood down without any deployment.

Scafell Pike – Tue 15th Jun 2021

We were alerted by Cumbria police about 2 walkers who had reported themselves lost, possibly on the descent from Scafell Pike but this was not certain from the information they had given to the police. It was not possible to speak to them either by phone or text and the Read more…

Scafell Pike – Sat 12th Jun 2021

We were alerted by Cumbria police about a man who had failed to return from his walk on Scafell Pike, having split up from the rest of his party. While the Team Leader was gathering information, the man turned up safe and well at the car park.