Sty Head – Mon 27th Jul 2020

A call came in for some walkers with inadequate kit struggling to keep warm at Styhead. Keswick MRT was quick to get in touch with the Wasdale Team Leader to inform us it was a duplicate log of an incident that Keswick MRT were already dealing with. Due to the Read more…

Scafell Pike – Sat 25th Jul 2020

The team leader was alerted after a callers son had failed to return from a walk up Scafell Pike.  As the team leader was starting to gathering further information the informant contacted the police to say their son had turned up.

Scafell – Sun 21st Jun 2020

Three walkers reported themselves to Cumbria Police as being lost in poor visibility whilst descending off Scafell. By using the PhoneFind function, the Team Leader was able to locate them quickly. Two team members who were on the hill already were able to intercept them on their way back and Read more…

Cold Fell – Thu 5th Sep 2019

We were called by Police about reports of a walker struggling and exhausted. As we started to gather details we received further information to confirm the walker was now on the road and no longer needed assistance and we stood down.

Scafell Pike – Sat 17th Aug 2019

As we were dealing with the incident in Hollowstones an alert came in from CUMPOL regarding 2 overdue “3 Peaks” walkers, missing from a party of 11. With hundreds of “3 Peaks” parties on the hill to potentially meet up with, we restricted our response to information gathering and continued Read more…