45 in 2004

Whilst setting up the vehicles with the new high band radio sets a call came in from the Wasdale Head hotel. They had received a telephone call from a lady in Shropshire who had been contacted by her husband and another walker who had been climbing Scafell Pike and had descended the wrong side. They had walked out Brotherilkeld, Eskdale. They were supposed to be meeting their driver at the Wasdale Head Hotel at 1200 hrs. He would be somewhere in Wasdale, sat in his car getting very worried. Could we help? A team vehicle was already in the valley checking radio signals from different parts of the valley so it was dispatched to search all the car parks an locate the driver. After a series of checks, the car and driver were located at the Wasdale Head Hotel car park. The message was passed that his friend were safely down on the other side and were going to walk to Gosforth ( 10 miles). He was given directions and he left to find his mates in Eskdale somewhere. Not listed as a true incident even through resources were mobilised, however noted her to give the reader a true picture of the increasing demands on the team. [ Worth noting that without the telephone box at the bottom of Hardknott the ‘safely down’ message would have been raised a little later – the argument for keeping the box rumbles on].

Incident started at 14:00.