48 in 2006
Broad Stand, Scafell
Other Agencies

The team were called up on the radio from a Duddon & Furness team member who was on Mickledore observing a group who had spent an hour trying to locate a safe descent down from Scafell. They were in danger of becoming an incident on Broad Stand so he intervened to check what their plans were. They were stuck at the top of Broad Stand, possibly in Mickledore Chimney. A small group of team members were already with an RAF Sea King helicopter in the valley bottom at the Wasdale Head Hotel field (had been training as part of a search practice) and they were put on standby. After 30 minutes the radio message came back that the walkers had managed to make their way back up to the top of Scafell and were making their way back to Eskdale. They were stood down and the event was not recorded as an official incident as vehicles/team members were not deployed.

Incident started at 16:00.