5 in 2007
Piers Gill, Scafell Pike

The Team Leader took a call direct from one of the team members at the Head on Friday evening, about 8.40pm. An informant at the Hotel was reporting a father and 13 yr old son long overdue from climbing Scafell Pike. They had last been seen at Mickledore (about 4.30pm) heading towards the summit. Reported as very well equipped and highly experienced.They turned up at the Hotel before 9.00 pm and the team member spoke to them. Not an official incident but for the interesting bit……i.e the fact they’d become lost and descended into Piers Gill by mistake. Apparently they’d gone down Piers Gill until stopped by vertical pitches and had climbed out on the side – this being a serious, steep rock/grass, approx 200ft climb!!! They were still visibly shaking from the experience when they arrived back at the Hotel.

Incident started at 20:40.