87 in 2007
Unknown Location

Paged by the Police at 00.30 hrs. Informant was in Essex, reporting husband (61) and son (31) overdue from a walk on Scafell Pike. They were staying in a caravan near Haverigg and should have parked at Seathwaite (Borrowdale). The last contact was at 4pm (by mobile) at which time they’d done the Pike but were probably on Lingmell. The Police couldn’t locate the vehicle so the team leader wouldn’t turn the team out. The situation was reviewed again at 7a.m. and again at 9a.m. but still no vehicle. 9.15am the Police confirmed that they were indeed OK, having spent the night in a hotel at Calderbridge. They had been stopped at Calderbridge due to a fatal traffic accident

Incident started at 00:30 and ended at 09:15 making 8.8 hrs in total.