99 in 2007
Piers Gill, Scafell Pike
Other Agencies

Police paged the team following a call from a concerned parent in Liverpool over the whereabouts of missing walkers. They were doing Scafell Pike via Brown Tongue, parking at Wasdale camp site and should have returned by 8.00 p.m. They were from Liverpool and aged 24 but other than that we had no information onclothing, experience etc. Duddon & Furness team were called in to assist but they had already been asked by Langdale and Ambleside MRT to assist in a search and were to cover the Green hole, Upper Eskdale area. They would also look for our missing walkers and provided radio relay for the WMRT members searching the Eskdale side of Scafell Pike. The missing persons were located in the gully bed of Piers Gill, uninjured but very cold and wet. They were just above the main waterfall pitch, exactly where the team carried out an evacuation of an exercise casualty in a March 2007 see here . The team were assisted by Cockermouth MRT who brought up the ropes and crag gear. Two team members were lowered into the gulley bed, treated the casualties and got them winched out up the side just above the Christcliffe Gully connection. There was a significant problem with loose rock and one team member was hit by a falling rock with a glancing blow to his helmet. Both casualties were further warmed and were assisted to walk down. They were taken to the rescue base at Gosforth where they had showers and a change of clothes. They left for Liverpool at about 6.45am and the base was closed at around 7:00 hrs 43 team members were involved and the rescue took 7 hours.Press release here see also rescue 72 from 2007 which was very similar in how it happens incident photos

Incident started at 21:23 and ended at 07:00 making 9.6 hrs in total. There were 43 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 2127 0841 (altitude 508 m). Total rescuer hours: 413