63 in 2006

Request from Cockermouth team and Cumbria police to respond to a ‘999’ call from a father and son who had set off earlier that day to walk from Wasdale to Ennerdale YHA via Netherbeck / Haycock. The became disorientated and ended up at Red Crag on the Blengdale side of Haycock. They could see a light in the far distance (Skalderskew Farm). The team leader phoned the farmer who confirmed that he could see their lights so when they turned up at the farm, the team leader drove up to collect them and drive them round to Ennerdale youth hostel as a Xmas goodwill gesture (there would be no taxis due to Xmas functions). Rescue base was closed at 9.00 p.m.

Incident started at 17:30 and ended at 21:00 making 3.5 hrs in total. There was 1 Wasdale team member involved. Total rescuer hours: 3.5