5 in 2004
Wastwater Screes

The team were called to respond to a mobile phone ‘999’ call from three male walkers who had become cragfast on the Wastwater Screes. From information received, they were initially thought to be located slightly above the lakeside path. A limited callout was put into motion and a group of around ten were mustered. Once the full extent of their situation was established the rescue became a little more involved. The group had set off that morning from the top end of the Lake to walk down the lake and had then decided to scramble up the Screes to the top. They had managed to get themselves a quarter of the way up, then got into the terraces and become cragfast. Their location was directly opposite the road junction.The team’s rescue boat was launched from the roadside of the lake whilst an advance group set off from the pump house at the west end. The three walkers could be seen from the road high up on the Screes. When team members finally got to them they were assisted down after being helmeted, harnessed and roped up. They were taken back across the lake in the rescue boat and driven back up to their car. The incident was closed at 1930 hrs.

Incident started at 15:35 and ended at 19:30 making 3.9 hrs in total.