104 in 2007
Hardknott Pass

Cumbria Police paged the team to respond to a mobile phone ‘999’ from a man with breathing difficulties who was stuck on ice on Hardknott Pass, reported to be on the Eskdale side. Two cars were involved with three people. Treated as a medical emergency but with no anticipated fell work, only a limited callout made. The Team Leader plus two team members left directly from Eskdale with the first responder kit from the village, whilst six team members attended from a now manned base in Gosforth. In all 11 team members were involved.When we got there, the two cars were ice bound on the opposite side of the pass but only a short distance down the Cockley Beck side. There was no requirement for medical assistance, whatever the difficulty was, it was cleared by the time we arrived. The road was covered in sheet ice for a 20 meter section (and still not closed by the county highways department). They were winched up, over the most difficult section and then they proceeded unaided back down to Eskdale. The twist to the story was down to Sat Nav. One car was at Hawkshead going to Whitehaven at his Sat Nav directed him over the pass as the shortest route. The other was on the Eskdale side trying to get to Ambleside and following their Sat Nav. They both met in the middle after touch and go ascents and descents. One unable to get up any further whilst the other, already having slid down the ice couldn’t return. Incident closed at around 7.30 p.m.See video of rescue here

Incident started at 17:50 and ended at 19:30 making 1.7 hrs in total. There were 11 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY2316 0147 (altitude 390 m). Total rescuer hours: 19