12 in 2004

Not an incident as such but could be classed as a proactive team response under the category of incident prevention.1130 hrs a large party of children had been dropped off at Wasdale Head and set off up Mosedale – they appeared ill equipped but no action was taken apart from noting where they were going.1530 hrs a telephone call came in from the Black Sail Youth Hostel, Ennerdale. They had a 13 yr old child who had become separated from a large group and found his way back down to the valley bottom on the Ennerdale side. He had fallen on the way down and was tired and wet. He had a chest injury but it was not thought to be significant enough to require medical attention. The child had become separated from a splinter group of one adult and another child who had set off down from Pillar towards Wasdale Head as they were too cold to continue. The remainder of the large group (now 22 number) carried on up Pillar. The Team leader thought it prudent to send a team member up Mosedale to intercept the Adult and child and advise them that their missing 13 year old was safe and well in Ennerdale.After a good deal of co-ordination of messages and location of missing adults, the whole party were re-united at Wasdale Head. The 13 year old child was taken to the Ennerdale Youth Hostel where it would be easier for the group’s minibus to collect him. The incident was closed down at 1700 hrs with all accounted for and the four team members involved returned home. The leaders of the group had not requested assistance therefore, strictly speaking it was not a rescue, however team resources were deployed in the best interests of the 13 year old and to ensure it didn’t develop into a larger scale incident.It is worth noting that Wasdale MRT have experienced similar incidents in the past with large groups of children who have required assistance. This one had the real potential for turning into a full scale rescue.

Incident started at 15:20.