20 in 2004

Whilst the team were preparing to undergo helicopter training at Wasdale Head, a mountain bike cyclist pulled up and asked where the nearest telephone was. He advised us that a cycling colleague had fallen off his mountain bike whilst traveling from Tongue Moor to Brackenclose, a section on the weekend’s mountain bike challenge. He had sustained lacerations to his head but was conscious and slowly making his way off the mountain. His location was to the west of Burnmoor Tarn. The advance vehicle set off and the RAF Sea King started preparations to go an pick him up if found necessary. The biker, a male in his late 40’s from Barrow-in-Furness was already well down the fell when the advance met up with him. He was assisted off the fell and taken back to Eskdale after a quick check over by the team doctor at Wasdale Head. Incident closed at 1345 hrs.

Incident started at 12:45 and ended at 13:45 making 1 hrs in total.