27 in 2005
Scafell Pike

Telephone call from the Woolpack directly to the Team Leader. Two residents long overdue on a route from Brotherilkeld to Scafell Pike, via Little Narrow Cove. They were both around 60 yr old and there was other cause for concern. The Team leader waited until after 9pm before doing a full team call out. They were found a short distancefrom their car, walking back OK. They’d been lost at one point during the day and had a long walk!.Whilst team members were at Brotherilkeld, and ready to turn back following the stand down on rescue 23, shouts were heard from Harter Fell. The team members were positive the person shouting replied that he did require mountain rescue, so the team was held on standby until more could be found out. It turned out he was looking for a group of 3 peakers coming down into Eskdale and didn’t need mountain rescue. All stood down and returned to base.

Incident started at 20:00 and ended at 21:30 making 1.5 hrs in total.