18 in 2007
Great Gable
Other Agencies

Whilst the team were just about to send the second vehicle to the Muncaster Castle job (see below) a second call came in concerning a lady in her late 30’s who had slipped on the Gable traverse just to the west of Kern Knotts. It was reported to be a compound fracture of her leg. The second vehicle was diverted to this potentially more serious leg injury and a helicopter was requested through the police. A Sea King was tasked from RN Gannet at Prestwick. Fortunately there were a number of team members including the team leader climbing on Kern Knotts at the time of the call-out. They attended whilst the stretcher and medical equipment were brought up from the valley bottom. The casualty and her husband were eventually winched from their location and flown to West Cumberland Hospital. The injury to her leg was not a compound fracture but a nasty, deep gash down to the bone. 12 team members attended this rescue.

Incident started at 12:40. There were 12 Wasdale team members involved.