19 in 2007
Great Gable

Whilst the team were returning to Gosforth in their vehicles a further ‘999’ call came in from Great Gable. This involved a male walker in his 70’s who was walking with his daughter along the traverse path below White Napes when he slipped off the path and tumbled down the loose scree. He lacerated his hands in the fall, injured his hip and ripped the sole off his boot and was unable to walk. The vehicles were turned round half way down the lake and the team members climbing on Kern Knotts made their way quickly across the Gable traverse to the incident. He was stretchered down the very steep scree to the valley bottom. His daughter was taken to Styhead where a member of the Keswick MRT escorted her down to their car at Seathwaite. The gentleman was taken to West Cumberland Hospital. His daughter drove round from Keswick. There were 25 team members on the rescue and the incident was closed at 8.00 p.m. photos here

Incident started at 15:43 and ended at 20:00 making 4.3 hrs in total. There were 25 Wasdale team members involved. Total rescuer hours: 108