32 in 2004
Scafell Pike

The team leader received a call from the Owner of the Wasdale Head Hotel to advise that two women from Wallsend had left their husbands walking in the valley but were reporting them long overdue. Missing persons were two males (one 54 yrs old and the other in his early 30’s). One was reported to be reasonably well equipped and experienced. We believed they did not have torches. Their intended route wasn’t clear – whilst Great Gable and Kirk Fell had been mentioned it turned out they’d been dropped off at the path toward Scafell Pike, raising the possibility that they were intending quite a long round before coming back to Wasdale Head.The two ladies were looked after the Hotel and a number of calls were made, attempting to locate them and discussing potential courses of action. They turned up at the Woolpack Inn in Eskdale just before 2330 hrs, presumably having made a navigational error and descended that way, rather than to Wasdale.

Incident started at 21:30 and ended at 23:30 making 2 hrs in total.