37 in 2006
Green How, Scafell

Police paged the team following a call from a couple on the National Trust campsite at Wasdale Head who had seen lights on the Green How path (Scafell) which had been stationary for 20 mins. The Deputy Team Leader rang the informant to find out if the light was giving a distress signal. The lady wasn’t sure. One of the valley’s team members was asked to have a look see and in the mean time a limited call-out was made through the team pager system. When he got to the campsite the light had gone. The informant was surprised when told that people go on the hill at night. The lights were put down to a three peaks challenge and stand down was initiated 20 minutes after the initial call–out and although team members gathered at the base the vehicles did not leave. Well intentioned false alarm

Incident started at 22:29.