43 in 2007
Broad Crag

Call from the Police at about 2pm. It seems that a small group had lost contact with one of their number and were concerned about his safety. The informant had a mobile phone and was near Broad Crag/Ill Crag col. The missing person was a 59 yr old male, described as very experienced and leading the group (part of a school party). He had apparently left the group on the path whilst he walked off a little to answer the call of nature. His wife was with the group, still waiting for him to return after 1 and a half hours. She also described him as “feeling unwell” before he walked off. Given the strange circumstances, i.e. the report of him being unwell, the fact that the group had stayed put all that time, that he was last seen going towards crags and in a very bouldery area (where it would be easy to slip and fall amongst them) and the time it would take for us to get on scene, the team were alerted immediately. Team members assembled at the Base but before they were deployed up the valley the missing person’s mobile was tried again and this time we got through and found that he was descending via the Corridor Route and although not with the informant’s party was perfectly well. The team got messages to the informant’s group and stood the incident down at about 3pm.

Incident started at 14:00 and ended at 15:00 making 1 hrs in total. Incident occured at NY2192 0766 (altitude 903 m).