51 in 2004
Corridor Route, Scafell Pike

The team were called to assist a couple who were struggling to locate the Corridor route descent path from Scafell Pike. They were on their mobile phone and were directed by the team leader until they found the path. They were just below the rock step above Great Gill. As they were still a little unsure, the team leader plus another team member took the Landover up to the bottom of Great Gable to see that they moving down the mountain. They could see their torch but it was static so they proceeded to walk up the fell. A limited call out was made for back up. When they got to the benighted couple they were staggered to find that the torch that they had used to attract attention in the valley bottom was of the 99p variety and smaller than a cigarette packet. It goes to show that even an inexpensive torch can be a godsend when trying to attract attention. They were escorted safely off the fell and the incident was closed at midnight.

Incident started at 19:00 and ended at 00:00 making 5 hrs in total.