34 in 2015
East Buttress, Scafell
Other Agencies

We were called by the Police about 2 walkers who were stuck in Mickledore Chimney on Scafell East Buttress. A small team was sent to extricate them from the crag. As we were walking up reports came from passing walkers that someone had fallen in the Mickledore area. Given the potential seriousness of a fall in this position further team members were called and a helicopter from RAF Valley also joined the rescue. Once we had a team member on scene we were able to confirm there were no injuries and the process of roping the 2 walkers up to the top progressed, by now in heavy rain. Incident closed 02:30 of 31/5/15, 12 wmrt on the crag, another 8 for the injury call.

Incident started at 20:00 and ended at 02:30 making 6.5 hrs in total. There were 20 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 2092 0679 (altitude 920 m). Total rescuer hours: 130