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Green How, Scafell
Other Agencies
A call was received by Cumbria Police on Tuesday afternoon about a lone walker who had run out of water, become dehydrated and felt very weak. He was unable to continue the descent from Scafell.
An urgent callout was initiated with a possibility of serious heat illness. The walker was located after a successful Phonefind and given water and some sugary food. This had a very positive effect and after some further time resting the walker was able to slowly complete the descent under his own steam. Further monitoring and medical advice from the team doctor was passed on in the valley before the team was stood down. We hope the walker recovered well and enjoyed the rest of his holiday.

Incident started at 17:12 and ended at 20:24 making 3.2 hrs in total. There were 17 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY190070. Total rescuer hours: 54