Wastwater – Sat 13th Jul 2019

As we were returning from the Mickledore incident a further call came from NWAS about a swimmer who reported feeling dizzy after getting out of Wast Water. Team was quickly on scene and provided medical treatment before a land ambulance arrived and the casualty was handed over to NWAS paramedics.

Sty Head – Sat 6th Jul 2019

We were called by Police about an elderly walker who was struggling to make progress whilst descending from Scafell Pike and requested assistance to get off the mountain. The walker had got as far as Sty Head before stopping. On arrival the team assessed the situation and then after a Read more…

Hardknott Fort – Tue 26th Jun 2018

We were called by our colleagues in Langdale Team about a walker at Hardknott Fort who was feeling unwell. NWAS paramedics also attended the incident and the walker was assessed on the scene before being walked back to the road then given a lift to the waiting ambulance at Brotherikeld.

Scafell – Thu 5th Oct 2017

We were called by Police about reports of a walker who had collapsed and was no longer breathing on the summit of Scafell. We responded with a full callout and Great North Air Ambulance and the coastguard helicopter from Prestwick were also dispatched. The coastguard helicopter arrived on scene first Read more…

Eskdale – Sat 23rd Sep 2017

We were called by NWAS about a walker who was reported to be unresponsive on the stepping stones at St Catherine’s Church in Boot, Eskdale. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of Paramedics on scene he did not survive and are thoughts are with his family.

Burnmoor Tarn – Mon 6th Jun 2016

The team was called out to help a walker who was suffering from a significant heat related illness near Burnmoor Tarn. He was assessed by team members including a doctor and the coastguard helicopter from Prestwick was called to help evacuate him to hospital.

Sty Head – Sat 4th Jun 2016

The team was called out to assist a male who had an epileptic fit near to the corridor route. Ourselves and the Great North Air Ambulance attended. The male was treated and evacuated by the air ambulance.

Eskdale – Wed 14th Oct 2015

We were called by NWAS to assist with a casualty with a medical problem in near Boot in Eskdale. Before we arrived NWAS paramedics and first responders managed to move the casualty into the ambulance and we stood down.

Eskdale – Thu 1st Oct 2015

We were called by NWAS about a male suffering from chest pain near to Boot in Eskdale. We responded but just before arriving were notified paramedics were already on scene and able to deal with the incident so we stood down. 12 WMRT involved.

Low Cock How – Fri 28th Aug 2015

We were called by NWAS about a walker who had collapsed whilst on the coast to coast walk near the cold fell road. Unfortunately despite the effort of first responders, paramedics and GNAA she did not survive. Our thoughts are with her family.