9 in 2011

Call from the Police following a ‘999’ call from a male walker lost on the summit of Haycock. The Police reported that he had left Ennerdale and that his car was located in Ennerdale. The duty team leader, who was already walking in the Wasdale valley handed the call straight over to the Cockermouth team. Subsequent information, following direct contact between the lost person and the Cockermouth team leader established that his car was actually in Wasdale. The lost walker was directed to the col between Haycock and Scoat Fell by the Cockermouth Leader and then to turn right and down into Nether Beck. The Wasdale leader proceeded up Netherbeck and met the walker half way down and accompanied him back down to the road. No other team members were involved. Incident closed early evening.

Incident started at 17:36. Incident occured at NY 1447 1072 (altitude 783 m).

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