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Ill Crag – Thu 3rd Dec 2015 – Callout 71 in 2015

We were alerted by the ARCC that a distress beacon had been triggered in the Ill Crag area of Scafell Pike. Soon afterwards we were also alerted by Police providing some further information regarding a walker requesting help, although the nature of the problem was not known. A Seaking helicopter from HMS Gannet had been dispatched and attempted to go to the location indicated but was not able to because of the thick weather. Wasdale team members made their way round to the location indicated via Sty Head Tarn to avoid river crossings. Once at Calf Cove whistles were heard and the walker was found just above on the path to Ill Crag, wet and cold but fortunately uninjured. He was warmed up with hot drinks and fresh clothing then walked off the hill. Keswick Team also attended and helped the walker back onto the Keswick side. It was particularly wet in Cumbria during the rescue as can be seen by looking at the flooding incidents being dealt with by our colleagues in the Cockermouth team. Incident Closed 11:15, 16 WMRT involved, plus Keswick, plus RN Gannet.

Incident Type
Location Ill Crag
Other Agencies ,

Incident started at 16:32 and ended at 23:15 making 6.7 hrs in total. There were 16 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 227 080 (825m). Total man hours: 107

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