32 in 2002
Beck Head, Great Gable

Team leader called by one of the team members who lives at Wasdale Head reporting flashing lights on Beck Head, Great Gable. Following investigation, an adult plus two sixteen year olds were found at the foot of Ill Ghyll, Kirk Fell, making their way down to callout the team. There were a further twelve sixteen year olds and an adult lost on Beck Head. A limited call-out was organised and the group were walked down from the pass in safety. They had left Gategarth in Buttermere to climb Haystacks and were then trying to descend back to the Buttermere Youth Hostel but had drifted across to Gable. The hostel were also in the process of raising the alarm to callout the Cockermouth team.
The group were transported back to the hostel at the end of a long night.

Incident started at 23:00.