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Lingmell Nose
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The team received a call yesterday afternoon from North West Ambulance Service about a walker who had slipped, fallen and sustained an ankle injury. After attempting to carry on she was unable to bear any weight without significant pain. A full team callout ensued and after a warm and steep ascent up Lingmell nose, found the casualty party. Casualty carers then assessed the walker, provided some further pain relief and splinted the ankle. The walker was then carefully transferred to the stretcher and brought back down to Brackenclose with a mixture of sledging and using the wheel. She was then transferred to the walking party’s car for transport to hospital. We hope she has a swift recovery and enjoys the remainder of her holiday.

Incident started at 16:42 and ended at 20:35 making 3.9 hrs in total. There were 19 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 194077. Total rescuer hours: 74