St Bees Head – Sun 30th Jul 2023

A call was received about a walker on the beach who had sustained a suspected broken ankle. After the location was confirmed it was agreed that by all parties that the responsibility for this rescue was the the Coastguard and so the team was stood down.

St Bees Head – Tue 3rd May 2022

A call was received about a casualty with an ankle injury somewhere in the St Bees area. As the location subsequently became clear (at the promenade) the tasking became the responsibility of the Coastguard Rescue Team and the Team Leader stood the team down.

St Bees Head – Mon 3rd Jun 2013

The team was called out to attend a walker who had fractured her ankle on the coast path near St Bees Head lighthouse. The ankle was treated and splinted and the team then stretchered the casualty to a waiting ambulance.

Callout 41 in 2009

Request to attend a fallen climber at Sandwith Lighthouse area of the cliffs. Coastguard were also called out along with the RNLI. Around 15 team members attended the incident. A climber in his early late 40s was descending the climbers path along with a group of fellow climbers (including a Read more…

Callout 36 in 2009

Male reported with breathing difficulties 10 mins walk south of St Bees lighthouse across fields. MRT required to assist ambulance service. Wasdale MRT doctor arrived on scene at the same time as air ambulance and the team was stood down.