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The team was called by North West Ambulance Service about a walker who had suddenly become very unwell. Other walkers had stopped to help but with no mobile signal, one of them descended to Wasdale Head to phone 999.
The team responded quickly but by the time they reached him, the walker had recovered and was walking back himself to Wasdale Head. After an assessment by the team Casualty Carers, he was able to continue walking slowly off the fell. At Wasdale Head he was handed over to a land ambulance for further medical assessment and transfer to hospital. Our last tasking on this callout was to look after the walker’s dog back at base. Thanks to the team member who patiently waited for many hours before the dog could be reunited with family. We hope the walker has a speedy recovery.

Incident started at 12:43 and ended at 21:40 making 9 hrs in total. There were 20 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 184096. Total rescuer hours: 180