Scafell Pike – Thu 8th Mar 2018

The team was alerted after a walker was reported overdue by his wife. The police also contacted the Wasdale Head pub and as a member of staff located his car, the gentleman arrived back.  His mobile had gone flat so he had been unable to make contact with home.

Penrith – Sun 4th Mar 2018

The team were put on standby due to the ongoing problems in the east of the county.  There were communities still cut off and supplies were running low.  Fortunately the requests for assistance were in decline and there was no requirement to head over.

Scafell Pike – Sun 14th Jan 2018

A walker reported they were now stuck after sliding some distance down snow. The walker was located near Dropping Crag on Scafell Pike. After medical assessment it was determined they had injured their shoulder and had other bumps and bruises but after some simple analgesia were able to walk off.

Pillar – Sat 18th Nov 2017

We were called by Police about 2 walkers who were descending a gill below Wistow Crags on Pillar. One of the walkers had taken a short tumble in the gill banging their head and injuring their arm. Due to the unusual location a short search was needed to locate the Read more…