93 in 2011
Upper Eskdale

The team were contacted by a pair of fell walkers who called 999 after being benighted. They gave a description of their location that suggested they were next to the river Esk in Upper Eskdale. A limited callout was made and a team of five headed up Eskdale. The two men saw the torches of the rescuers who were heading up the path but with their single dim light were unable to attract their attention from their location on the river bank. When they reached the road the two men called the police to say that they were down safely. A total of 7 team members were involved including those manning base and a relay at Hardknott Fort.

It is worth noting that better planning and preparation would have prevented this avoidable call out.

Incident started at 22:21 and ended at 01:45 making 3.4 hrs in total. There were 7 Wasdale team members involved. Total rescuer hours: 24