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Wastwater Screes
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We were called yesterday by Cumbria Police about two people in difficulty on the Screes lakeshore. As part of a group of 4, they had originally planned to kayak down the lake from Brackenclose but found themselves unable to progress due to the windy conditions. They decided to abandon their kayak on the Screes side of the lake and planned to walk back to Brackenclose with a third member of their party, whilst one continued on the water. However, without adequate footwear, the boulder fields soon prevented further progress and so they called for help. They were also concerned that the kayaker who had remained on the water had not been seen for some time.
The latter information prompted an escalation by Cumbria Police with several other agencies involved for a potentially urgent search of the lake. Thankfully, shortly after their arrival the missing person was located paddling on the water as planned and positively identified.
The initial problem was dealt with by some guidance from WMRT team members already in the valley who walked to the “shore party” from Brackenclose. They then gave encouragement and support to progress back to a proper footpath and the Brackenclose car park where their car was parked. The Fire Service helped the lone paddler back to Brackenclose.
All teams then stood down and returned to their respective bases.
Thank-you to all the agencies who assisted. A good outcome.

Incident started at 17:03 and ended at 20:23 making 3.3 hrs in total. There were 5 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY160053. Total rescuer hours: 17