Ian Bocock

Ian doing what he loved doing, climbing, on the Old Man of Hoy

I first met Ian in 1984, when by chance he walked into a pub where I was sitting enjoying an after-work pint. We got chatting, and my life was forever altered. Ian was a keen squash player, and an excellent instructor to boot. In addition he was an expert climber, and if I pestered him enough he would take me down to Wales and Cornwall, or up to the Lakes. I was only a novice really, but he loved to show me the ropes, so to speak, and the experiences he gave me are engraved indelibly upon my memory. I will never forget making my way up the upper slabs of Poor Man’s Peuterey at Tremadog, or the pure adrenalin rush as I cracked the crux of Diocese on the Cornish sea-cliffs, all under his expert guidance. Then there were the moments just spent talking together, endlessly, about anything and everything – he was a great conversationalist and possessed a wealth of knowledge about all kinds of topics – and his sense of humour was second to none. He was also a talented skier, and we enjoyed many a holiday together. In fact I have so many fond memories it is impossible to list them all here. He was an active sportsman, an accomplished cook and an exceptional host, but most of all he was a true friend, and I will always be grateful for having had the chance to know him, and for the richness of experience he brought into my life and into the lives of others that knew him.

From a friend

Julian Harris