60 in 2010
Brown Tongue, Scafell Pike

Call-out for two lost walkers on the corridor route descent from Scafell Pike. Although at first they refused to move (located at the head of Piers gill), they were advised how long it would take for the team to get to them, given directions and they eventually made their own way down to the stream crossing at the bottom of Brown Tongue. They then called again to say that the crossing was swollen, that there was another group of 6 unable to cross, and they required help. Two were stuck on steep ground as they had attempted to avoid the Brown Tongue crossing. A group three peakers eventually came along and assisted them in getting across the stream and ensured that they were all OK. Another group, from South Wales, also doing the three peaks, assisted them down and ran some into town. Incident closed at 11.00 p.m.[Additional information provided by a member of the first three peaks group who dropped the team an email – thankyou for your assistance]

Incident started at 18:00.