121 in 2017
Adam-a-Crag, Crinkle Crags
Other Agencies

We were alerted to a small group of walkers lost on the Eskdale side of Crinkle Crags, with the location determined from the Lat and Long on their phone. Early indications suggest they were in difficult ground and combined with the very poor visibility they may require more than verbal assistance. Contact was remade and thankfully they were moving on the bearing given by Langdale and making their way back onto the Crinkle Crags ridge. Their progress was tracked for the next hour or so and once they were confirmed as setting off down the Band we handed back to Langdale who sent a couple of team members up with torches assist them off the hill

Incident started at 15:25 and ended at 17:18 making 1.9 hrs in total. There was 1 Wasdale team member involved and the incident occured at NY24300 04805 (altitude 662 m). Total rescuer hours: 1.9