25 in 2001
Scafell Pike

Call from the Police regarding a 67 yr old male, reported long overdue from Scafell Pike. The informant was back at Keswick, having last seen his companion near the summit at around 1400 hrs. Cloud base was around 200 metres below the tops and there was a fresh, moderately cold wind. The missing person was described as reasonably experienced but not carrying a map, compass, torch or clothing suitable to spend a night out in. The team leader decided to wait until 2000 hrs. before calling the full team and in the meantime contacted the manager at the Wasdale Head Hotel and a Wasdale MRT based SARDA Dog handler. The manager went along to Brackenclose and spoke to two parties who were descending, having been to the summit. The SARDA dog handler organised a Wasdale MRT navigator and prepared to set off up Eskdale. The missing person turned up safe and well at 1930 hrs.

Incident started at 18:15 and ended at 19:30 making 1.3 hrs in total.