22 in 2005
Scafell Pike
Other Agencies

For interest, the Keswick MR Team Leader rang on the Monday morning at about 09.30am. He’d been up till about 2.45am trying to resolve the case of a missing person on Scafell Pike and was ringing to tell me the outcome. The case involves a man and wife who become separated somewhere on the Pike. He went down to Seathwaite and reported her lost at about 11.30pm but despite several team members trying to make sense of his vague descriptions of where he’d been, they found it very difficult to either a) confirm she was indeed still on the hill or b) by 2.45am, that she would actually be in danger, even if left until first light. Keswick members met groups of walkers leaving Seathwaite at 2:30 hrs on the Monday morning. They were asked to keep an eye out for her and apparently did find her sitting on the Corridor Route above Piers Gill. The Keswick TL had decided not to ring the Wasdale TL that night because as he said, he didn’t have a lot he could tell him. He wasn’t absolutely sure she was on the hill but did suspect she’d be around the top of Piers Gill. He chose to leave the search to other walkers that happened to be departing from Seathwaite early morning. First light was only a few hours off anyway. Therefore, not an incident for us to log but an interesting story.

Incident started at 23:30.