47 in 2007
Scafell Pike

Whilst the team were ascending Brown Tongue for incident 42 they overtook a group of 11 who were doing the 3 peaks challenge. (less than ideal conditions for the challenge). On the descent from Lingmel Col with the 3 rescued walkers, the team met this group of 11 making their way very slowly down from the summit of the Pike. They had been unable to reach the summit due to the very high winds and driving rain and turned back just before the plateau. The group decided to tag on the back of the team. It soon became obvious that their progress was very slow and they still had to navigate through Hollowstones (very easy to wander off the path in bad weather). One of the Wasdale members decided to wait for them and lead them through to ‘Y’ junction where the path is well defined. Their progress became even slower as one of their group had bad knees and they had climbed Ben Nevis earlier that day. They eventually arrived at the ‘Y’ junction at 1:00 hrs (still in thick cloud but now on a descent path). The group and walker with the bad knees were now happy to carry on down at a slow pace and were out of danger so were left to make their own way down. Not recorded as an official incident.

Incident started at 12:30.