46 in 2008
Unknown Location

The team had been notified 14 June 2008 that a Rotweiler had gone missing on the Scafell Range and could we look out for her (18 months Old and called Gemma).When the search party came across the missing Three Peakers (see incident Callout 42 in 2008) they noticed a third dog sitting on the fell about 150 foot away – they thought it belonged to the missing party – the lost party had seen the dog as they climbed back up from Eskdale and when they heard the search party they thought it was a search dog. It soon was established that it was the missing Gemma. She had been lost on the fells 2 weeks ago and her owners had reluctantly returned to Leicester – the information was relayed back to the owners who were over the moon and immediately jumped into their car and headed up to the lakes from Leicester. This was case of a K9 call having a happy ending. see photos of the day here including the 50, Three Peaker, Mini buses on the green at 7:30 hrs that morning and the badly eroded paths.

Incident started at 10:30. Incident occured at NY21512 06127 (altitude 548 m).