109 in 2009
Scafell Pike

Team paged by the police for a rescue on Scafell Pike. A group of 4 males were reported long overdue from Scafell Pike. The story involves this group of males having requested assistance from two strangers who’d happened to pass them earlier in the day. The arrangement was that they would call the two men to confirm when they got down safely or, if they didn’t call, to request that they contact mountain rescue. The informant didn’t get a call and duly alerted the Police. However, when asked for further information he didn’t know the names, contact numbers, intended destination, missing person’s vehicle, etc. In short, they were not able to tell the Team Leader anything that would have a) confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that there was still a group of males missing and on the fell or b) that even if the group were still out, that they might come to harm. (Remember that MRT’s are not there to “guide”. We will however, always turn out if someone has or is likely to come to harm)It was decided that with such little information to go on, it was not reasonable to have volunteers turn out to search the mountains.The group of four males did in fact make their own way off the mountain slowly but unassisted and did confirm they were safe at 10.30 p.m.

Incident started at 20:07 and ended at 22:30 making 2.4 hrs in total. There was 1 Wasdale team member involved. Total rescuer hours: 2.4