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Broad Crag
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The photo taken by the casualty

Could you tell where the casualty was located from this photo?

Just as the Great Gable incident was closing the team were called to another incident where a male had suffered a tumble fall and injured his head and arm. The informant with the casualty was unable to give their location and attempts to get him to describe the location proved difficult.  Eventually he was asked to send a picture of the view from his location by mobile phone. The area was quickly identified.  Because of the potentially serious injuries from a 25 metre tumble fall support from a RAF helicopter was requested.  It arrived on scene at the same time as the team and the casualty was airlifted to Whitehaven Hospital.

Broad Crag - Helicopter Winching

Sea King helicopter winching the casualty from his location on the northern face of Broad Crag. The team have undertaken a number of rescues from this area where walkers stray from the paths and make their down through the maze of terraces until they can go no further - neither up nor down.

A total of 26 team members were involved in the two rescues which together lasted 7 hours.

Incident started at 17:56 and ended at 22:30 making 4.6 hrs in total. There were 26 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 21885 07832 (altitude 779 m). Total rescuer hours: 120

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