127 in 2009
Scafell Pike

‘999’ mobile call from a group walkers who were lost somewhere on Scafell Pike. They had provided a GPS position in latitude and longitude which, when converted to a normal grid reference put them in Carnforth. Another call came into the police from an informant from Wasdale Head hotel who was concerned over this same group. The team leader interviewed this informant and they were last seen making their way up Broad Crag scree in worsening weather. The Team Leader decided to hold off calling the team out until 8.00 p.m. – the weather conditions were poor with low cloud and driving rain. The group also only had one torch between 8 of them. At 7.55 pm a call came in from Boot in Eskdale to say that the group were now down safe and well. The team were stood down from standby state. Counted as an incident as team members did roll with a vehicle to interview the informant.

Incident started at 17:23.