12 in 2006
Sty Head
Other Agencies

The team were called to rescue a family who were in trouble following their descent from Scafell Pike to Seathwaite. The father who was in his early 50’s and a diabetic had collapsed from his medical condition compounded by severe hypothermia. He was in a confused state and barely conscious. The two boys aged 12 and 13 were cold wet and exhausted. They were both suffering mild hypothermia. Their mother was also cold and wet but had very fortunately managed to raise the alarm by taking the decision to leave the group and find a location where she could get a mobile phone signal. They were huddled together 500 metres to the east side of Styhead stretcher box on the path down from Sprinkling tarn. It was an extremely exposed position in a very strong southerly wind.The father was given emergency medical treatment by the team doctors on scene and as soon as he was stable was urgently evacuated by stretcher. Due to the number of casualties, Wasdale called for assistance from Keswick MRT. The father was stretchered down to an ambulance at Wasdale Head whilst both boys were stretchered down to Seathwaite in Borrowdale where the family’s car was parked. The mother was able to walk down. Weather conditions were very poor with low cloud, poor visibility and strong wind. There were 18 Wasdale team members on the fell and a further 21 Keswick team members on the fell. The incident was closed at 00:00 hrs

Incident started at 19:12 and ended at 00:00 making 4.8 hrs in total. There were 18 Wasdale team members involved. Total rescuer hours: 86