25 in 2005
Scafell Pike

Whilst on the hill dealing with rescue 20, the Team Leader took a call from Workington Police regarding a missing walker from another 3 peaks group. In this case, a 29yr old male with an RAF group had last been seen near the summit at about 9.00 pm. that evening. He was apparently carrying little in the way of fell going equipment – no map or compass, no torch or whistle, basic clothing. Others in the group had left him on his own. We initiated a search, given that we were so close to the summit anyway. He turned up at the Woolpack in Eskdale, having made a navigational error on the way down. The team members who had set off from the casualty site to carry out a sweep search of the summit were recalled. Team members assisted in reuniting him with his RAF colleagues.

Incident started at 23:30.