20 in 2006
Scafell Pike

Call from Workington Police reporting a 44 yr old male with a “serious knee injury” on Scafell Pike. The informant turned out to be marshalling a large group of 3 Peakers at the NT car park, end of the lake. He didn’t know the exact location of the casualty or nature of the injury – couldn’t confirm whether it was from a trauma event or the result of strain from the challenge. There was apparently one other person with the casualty, who was reported to be in severe and constant pain. When the team leader got to the base, the Police called again to update the situation. They had been contacted again by the informant who now said the casualty was being assisted off the fell by other group members and we were no longer required. The cancellation bleep was put out and the informant was contacted by phone.He now said the casualty was just above the bridge (approx. 400m from vehicles). He was asked if the casualty needed medical attention and indeed whether he ever had. The informant said they would assess him when he gotto the vehicles and would take him to hospital themselves if that proved necessary. Mill Forge closed at 12:15 hrs[Comment from Team Leader – Some people did “roll wheels” so this has been given a full incident number – although we wonder how much of a true emergency it had been. From what the informant could tell it was found difficult to determine whether the casualty had indeed suffered a genuine injury (which the team would always respond to) or whether the injury was actually better classified as a knee strain. Either way, as a general point, it helps prioritize the right levels of response and back up required if informants give more detail when requesting MR assistance. e.g. location and injury and what sort of event caused it].Post event note – the walker had a knee injury when he had done Ben Nevis previously that day and this was the other knee which was a coruscate ligament failure- he had to be fireman carried back down so well done to the person who did the carrying but they would probably have been better staying put and getting him down on a stretcher. Also see self help rescue here

Incident started at 23:45.