42 in 2006
Mickledore, Scafell Pike

The team were paged by the Police to rescue two walkers (part of a group of 5 ‘Three Peakers’) who were at the Mickledore stretcher box but still did not know where to get down and were wet through. There had been a number of sever weather warnings issued earlier in the day. A limited callout was initiated until it was established that he had a knee injury. A full team callout was initiated and the man was stretchered off the mountain to his waiting colleagues at Brackenclose. Around 15 team members were deployed on the hill. Weather conditions were severe with high winds and torrential rain and the becks were in full spate. Even so, there were still many groups setting off to climb Scafell Pike (some even in shorts and at least one couple with no rucksacks). The incident was closed at around 2.00 pm.

Incident started at 10:30 and ended at 14:00 making 3.5 hrs in total. There were 15 Wasdale team members involved. Total rescuer hours: 53